New blogs!

There are lots of blogs out there, with no shortage of conventional opinion or things that are controversial for their own sake.

What's different at Foglo?  Our writers provide thought-provoking commentary on a number of current topics, often representing viewpoints that are  neither of the conventional mainstream nor of the lunatic fringe - viewpoints that seem all too common these days.  We aim to provide information and opinion that are useful, that deserve to be heard, but that you will not often find in other media.  Read, enjoy ... and think!

Making Software - John's blog about managing the software development process.  This is a set of articles by a long-term programmer and manager of software development that distills over 30 years of experience into a few words of wisdom.  Most of the articles are about management, only occasionally straying into technical topics or details.  There is a strong focus on agile methods, practicality and common sense.

KrisInsight - Kris's blog mostly about healthy lifestyles, our healthcare system, and other interesting things.

What's with the name "Foglo"?

Föglö is the name of a group of islands in the Åland archipelago, and is a place to which the site owner has family connections. It's a very interesting place to visit. For more information about Föglö, go to the official Föglö site.

Last updated 3/29/2009